Volume 10 Kingdoms and Conquerors

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Embark on an epic journey that spans centuries, continents, and the limits of your imagination as all of your favorite Tennis Shoes characters are thrown into a maelstrom of murderous intrigue and pulse-pounding suspense. Still searching for Joshua Plimpton lost in an ancient American time warp, Steffanie and Harry Hawkins, along with their band of warriors and heroes, find themselves in the midst of a gathering storm unlike any other in Nephite history the final struggle at Cumorah. Meanwhile, as armies march and enemies plot against them, Meagan, Apollus, Ryan, and the Prophet Moroni must somehow reach General Mormon and Nephite headquarters to thwart the impending disaster. But can they defeat the darker threat that stirs among them? Jim Hawkins and his sister Jenny may hold the answer as they fight for survival on the opposite side of the world, piecing together a mystery that could hold the key to everyone's safe return home or it could spell certain doom in the abyss of time!  Paperback, 434 pages