A Messiah Among the Maya, A Case for Christianity in Pre-Columbian America


A Messiah Among the Maya by David B Brown is a 108 page book that documents the connection of Mayan ruins in Central America and Jesus Christ. 

"A Messiah Among the Maya explores the Maya culture from the PreClassic murals at San Bartolo to the Classic Period stone tablets and plaster friezes at Palenque, and ends with the massive structures and design at Teotihuacan.  What do they all have in common?  They express a unified message when interpreted through the sacred lens of Judeo-Christian perspectives.  The present paradigm is far too small! The ancients of Central America focused their sacred belief on a worldwide Messiah figure and expanded their cultural influence on a grand scale. This new paradigm must include worldwide Judeo-Christian influence in ancient times.

Paperback.  Diagrams and colored photos.